MURALISM.pro studio is not just group of funny people. We are professionals. Inspired with Hip Hop culture, we started our way more than 10 years ago. Today we have about 700 finished projects. Our customers are the people, that know the deal in handmade arts. We use just the world best paints (mtn 94, montana black & gold, nbq, kobra) to get te best result. There are many factors of price-creating like size, detailing, urgency, surface specifications. We wrote graffiti not just in Ukraine, but also in Russia, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Romain, Germany, Greece, Holland, Austria, Switzerland. We are fond of organizing high-quality events. Since 2006 there were more than 20 jams organized. Gallery exebitions, body-art shows and other events are also about us. If you have any questions, please contact us: Muralism@ya.ru or call: +380633038581. Peace!